Yoga Was the Scariest Thing

There are a lot of quotes out there about overcoming our fears, that we must “face everything and rise” and “do the thing we think we cannot do”. And with good reason: they speak the truth.

Whether we like it or not, very often the thing we are most afraid to do is the very thing that will bring us exactly what we dream of having in our lives. I’ve experienced this time and time again, and while I definitely don’t like it, I know it’s true.

And the “thing we are most afraid to do” is often very, very different than what we might expect.

For a while recently, my greatest fear was taking time out of my day for yoga.

You would think it would be…oh, I don’t know…putting myself out there in my business like I have. Leaving behind what I’ve known for years to pursue my heart’s desire. Or signing up for a year-long coaching program that significantly stretches my finances and comfort zone.

Nope. I’ve done all this before. These things are all well within my comfort zone. But making time for yoga during my work day? That is what scared me.

When I looked closer, I noticed that that my greatest fear around yoga was that everything would go to shit if I took my foot off the “work” pedal for even a second.

When I took an even closer look at it, I heard a very familiar story running through my mind:

  • If you take time for yoga during my work day, you’re not working hard.
  • If you don’t work hard, you’re basically a lazy scrub.
  • Nobody loves a scrub.

Ah ha! Just as I suspected, my stubborn resistance to doing something I really, really, wanted to do was not about yoga at all. It came down to a fear of mine that lives at my core and resurfaces when it sees an opportunity: I will not be loved.

The thing is, this is all the more reason to face this fear of going to yoga. I must show myself that I can go to yoga class, and I will not be a scrub and I will still be loved. To replace my old story with a new one. I have to do this. Because the alternative, really, is living my whole life avoiding things I want because of a fear I won’t allow myself to look at.

I bring this up with you, because sometimes the fears we most need to face are in disguise, so it’s important to take an honest look at what we are resisting most right now.

I mean, yoga isn’t scary in and of itself. Yet it was the thing I kept wanting to do but somehow found every which way to put it off. Turns out, there was a deeper fear underneath it that needed to be addressed before I could move forward in my fabulous life.

What is it that you find yourself saying you want that somehow always gets moved to the bottom of the priority list? Is it down time? Exercise? Scheduling that trip? Looking into starting that business? Investing in yourself and your growth?

I lovingly invite you to take a closer look at it. And then begin to step through it. I am here to support you. 

There’s a whole world of fabulousness waiting for you on the other side.

To your fabulous life,


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