What if I can’t hear my intuition?

How do you know if you're just afraid or if your intuition is telling you not to do something?

It's an important distinction to make. Because if we're feeling fear around taking a step toward our fabulous lives (which is normal), stepping through that fear is what leads us to breakthroughs and transformation. But if it's our intuition warning us not to do something, we're going to want to say "No" to that opportunity.

Before I had a close relationship with my intuition, I played the "What if" game to figure out which it was. I'd ask myself, with complete openness to possibility: "What if I could do this?"

Meaning, if whatever is scaring me about the opportunity WEREN'T a factor (money, time, my age, what other people think), how would it feel to say "Yes" to what I'm considering doing?

"What if I could go on that trip?"

"What if I could hire that coach?"

"What if I could start that business?"

"What if I could stay home tonight instead of going to that party?"

When I ask "what if" and envision it for myself, if it feels EXPANSIVE (I feel light, open, and a sense of excitement or relief), I know that fear is what is holding me back.

If, on the other hand, asking "what if" makes me feel CONTRACTED (tense, tight, and like I want to retreat), I know this is likely an intuitive message for me.

Give it a try next time you're faced with a decision, and you aren't sure if you're dealing with fear or intuition.

To your Fabulous life,

Samantha ​

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