The O.G. Fabulous Babe

My gramma was a huge inspiration to me.

She was a sweet and sassy spitfire who regularly referred to herself as a “Hot Ticket”…

  • “Let me tell you, when he said that to me, he didn’t know what a Hot Ticket I am.”
  • I’m a Hot Ticket. They’ll just have to get used to it.”

And one of her gems of wisdom that flung me around a full 180 degrees when I was nursing my first heartbreak:

  • “Listen, Sammie…if you’re ever this sad, it should never be because of a man! Don’t let him have this much say in how you feel.”

I stopped crying right then and there.

Just look at that saucy face! it’s got “Hot Ticket” written all over it, doesn’t it?

My Gramma passed away in 2003, but she still inspires me every day.

  • When I think about the woman I want to be when I’m older – a saucy, self-assured lady who tells the truth and loves like nobody’s business – I think of her.
  • When I think of what I want to see when I look back on my life at that age – a life full of adventures, living my dreams, speaking up for myself and others, and laughing til my stomach hurts – I think of her then, too.

So, when it came time to name the foundational program for Fabulous Babes, “Hot Ticket” came to me really easily.

It’s in honor of my Gramma, the OG Fabulous Babe. And it’s in honor of you.

Because I really see the Hot Ticket program the “ticket” to getting unstuck and learning what it feels like to truly love yourself and your life.

And the “hot” part? Well, we both know who that is, Babe! *looking at YOU*

To your fabulous life,


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