Success Stories

See how The Fabulous Babe's group programs and private coaching have benefitted Babes like you.

​Her program and presence has revolutionized my year and my reality."

"One of the best decisions I made this year was registering for one of Samantha's programs. Her program and presence has revolutionized my year and my reality. It has fired me up like nothing else before, and prompted me into action in the one area I tend to avoid: finances.

For the first time ever, I feel competent, confident, and fearless. My results and mindset have been revolutionized! I became more proactive and started getting more work (and income), enough to purchase a new car! I also dared myself to step out of my comfort zone and attend a millionaire mindset event, and I am setting out a system that will help me reach my goals.

I have been setting more boundaries, holding my space unapologetically, and increasing my sense of fabulousness while expressing my femininity and beauty in a bolder and more consistent way.

Thank you, Samantha, from the depth of my heart for your respect, luminous insights, indefectible​ support, and your encouragement in honoring my wisdom to respect my own intuition. Your coaching is magic!"

Sylvie Rozenfeld 

​I'm a much happier and healthier mom for my daughter."

"Samantha's program has done, and is still doing, more than I could have imagined in my life. 

With the tools, strategies, and inspiring advice from Samantha, and also the support of the Fabulous Babe community, I have been able to not only get through difficult times in my life, but thrive and fly through with confidence. I got a new job, have mostly come out of a depression, and have been able to be a much happier and healthier mom for my daughter.

I am so grateful to Samantha and so happy that I decided to invest in myself through this program, and I couldn't recommend it more. Thank you, Samantha!"​

Kimberly Kjersten 
Kimberly Kjersten Music Editing

​Her advice was second to none."

"I am currently going through some life-changing events: setting up a new business and leaving my day job to pursue my dreams. However, I find myself feeling overwhelmed, and the little voice inside tells me to be cautious. 

Samantha made me believe in myself and gave me the tools to help quiet that inner voice. Her advice was second to none and the highlight of it was for me to create my Fabulous Babe identity!

Samantha was helpful and offered great words of wisdom and advice. I loved every minute of it."​

Michelle Yearwood-Grazette  
Living Raw Chef

​Samantha is so easy to talk to and really makes you feel heard."

"Samantha is a breath of fresh air and a beautiful soul. In just two calls I moved forward. She broke down what to do in such a doable way that not only did I accomplish my goals, but I also felt confident. 

Plus, Samantha is so easy to talk to and really makes you feel heard. Not many people have this gift."​

Jackie Janiec-Isom 
Jackie Janiec, Love Coach

​The Fabulous Babe approach is entirely different, and I'm loving it!"

"The Fabulous Babe approach is entirely different, in a way I haven't seen before, and I am LOVING it! Not only is it working really well already, but it's also just lots of fun. It makes me feel great about myself."

Isabella Wild 

​Everything changed!"

"Look at me: I've changed what I'm doing in my life, and have gained so much self-acceptance because of what I learned from Samantha. Each step with her seemed subtle at first, but EVERYTHING changed."

Katherine Brown 
KatherineB Style Consultant

​Really makes a difference in how you feel and act."

"Samantha made me realize again how easy it is to approach daily things in a simple, fabulous way that REALLY makes a difference in how you feel and act"

Ineke Van Hullebusch 

​Opened me up to exploring my own needs and desires after a long time of dismissing them."

"My experience with The Fabulous Babe programs were really positive and opened me to exploring my own needs and desires after a long time of dismissing them as being of lesser importance than the things I do for others. Samantha has a personable style in her 1:1 coaching and is equally inclusive during group program events, offering patient and kind support to all members. She offered wonderful weekly thought starters, and her questions invite you to explore and pursue your goals as a Fabulous Babe. She believes in unlocking potential, and she does this by reframing our blocks and offering alternative, positive perspectives that support women in creating their own new way forward."

Christine Tydeman