Snap Out Of Struggle

If someone gives us step-by-step directions for how to drive from Point A to Point B, we have no trouble doing it. Turn right, turn left, continue on road for 3 miles…voila! We’re there. It’s easy.

Yet, if someone gives us step-by-step instructions on how to lose weight, earn more money, start a business, or have a great relationship, we end up struggling instead. Even with exact instructions and clear steps.

And that’s pretty damn frustrating. Especially when we struggle to follow these steps year after year.

Why is that? Why do we struggle to follow clear, specific steps when it comes to making the life changes we want more than anything?

It’s not that we don’t know what steps to take. It’s that, unlike with driving, there is almost always a hidden, underlying confidence or self-love issue going on that keeps us right where we are.

Honest to God.

Because with confidence, we take the risks we know are necessary to reach our goals, risks that otherwise hold us back. Setbacks not only fail to deter us from what we want, but they can even increase our determination.

With optimum levels of self-love, other demands do not get priority over what we want most. We go to the gym even when there’s still paperwork on our desks. We turn off our email notifications to focus on our business plan. We ask for the support we need to reach our goals.

So if you’ve made the same New Year’s resolution year after year and you’re on track to do it again, take heart. There’s nothing wrong with you or your “willpower”.

It’s because all the strategy in the world won’t get you the results you want if you haven’t developed your fabulous mindset and vision, if you don’t feel confident and powerful in yourself and your life.

If you still don’t know how to feel absolutely amazing about yourself and access the most powerful, fabulous version of you, it’s pretty damn hard to both achieve and enjoy your dreams. What’s held you back in the past will continue to do so (I know…I’ve been there).

The key, darling, is to feel fabulous first.

By learning to see yourself as a true Fabulous Babe, develop hardcore confidence, love yourself like crazy, and create a first-class vision for yourself and your life, you naturally begin to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be and create the life you’ve always wanted to have. And it’s so much easier than anything you’ve done before.

So if you’ve tried everything, try just one more thing: loving your gorgeous self like nobody’s business.

And, if you feel like you need some help with that, I’ve got more fabulous goodies coming your way that will do just that (stay tuned!).

To your fabulous life,


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