What do you say we change a few statistics around here?

Only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves beautiful.

74% of young women report feeling under pressure to please everyone around them.

Of 195 countries in the world, only 11 have elected a woman to serve as head of state. Similarly, only 4% of CEO's in the world's largest corporations are women.

More than half of women globally report that they are their own worst critic​.

The Fabulous Babe out to change the way women see themselves and the way the world sees women by helping them develop confidence, classy assertiveness, and unabashed self-love.

Through The Fabulous Babe's ebooks, programs, and private coaching, women are learning to love themselves, create the lives they've always wanted, and realize their dreams.

And when we as women love ourselves, adore our lives, and fulfill our dreams, we create a better world. We gain the confidence in ourselves to have the impact we truly want to have, and by example, we give others permission to do the same.​

Let's get started...

Free First Steps

Books for Babes

Start Your Day the Fabulous Way: Your Delicious New Morning Routine

Group Programs

The Fabulous Babe offers several group programs for women who desire more confidence, strategies to be more assertive, and a path to the life they dream of.

Babes with Boundaries

Babes with Boundaries is the foundational program for women who want to develop the confidence and assertiveness they know they require in order to go for their true dreams and desires.

Babes On Board

Babes On Board is The Fabulous Babe program for the woman who is ready to dramatically change the way she feels about herself and begin creating her dream life with ease and pleasure, in the company of other badass Babes cheering each other on.

Registration for these programs is currently closed, but it will be open again soon! Enter your info below to be the first to be notified when it re-opens.​

Private Coaching

If you know you'd prefer personalized support in creating the life you desire, Samantha also offers private coaching. Her approach with each woman she works with is highly intuitive, encouraging, and personalized. Her specialties include assisting you with:

  • getting to the heart of what has been holding you back; seeing all the fabulous possibilities for your life
  • gaining the confidence required to go for your fabulous dream life
  • ​developing classy assertiveness
  • letting go of “should’s” and worries about what other people will think or say about you
  • quieting your inner critic
  • replacing self-criticism with self-love
  • setting loving boundaries with others
  • upgrading every corner of your life

If you're interested in private coaching, click here to set up a complimentary, no-obligation call with Samantha.

During this call, she will assist you in getting to know your very own Fabulous Babe Self better, helping you to get clear on what has stopped you so far from claiming her power and living the way she would, and discovering what is truly possible for you in your life.

Here's the link again to schedule yourself for your free coaching call.​

​Statistics from: Girls, Inc.; Dove; Aurora Dawn (Daily Kos); The United Naitons