Love Yourself. Change the World.

I’ve been feeling a lot of emotions since Sunday, when I first learned that 49 lives were taken at a gay nightclub in Orlando that morning. I’ve felt deeply sad for the victims, their families, and sometimes even the state of the world. I’ve felt so angry that bigotry even still exists in the world today and that it was so ridiculously easy for the gunman to purchase an assault rifle with his background. I’ve felt profoundly moved by the outpouring of love I’ve seen all over the world for the victims, Orlando, America, and each other. I’ve felt tremendous love myself.

At times like these, I just want to do something. I want to help. I feel a pull I was born with to try to change the world.

The pull was so strong the other day, that I wondered aloud to my man, “How do I do it? How do I change the whole world?”

His reply was straightforward: “Start with one person.”

At first I thought his answer was kind of cliché, and I wondered who that one person would even be and what difference it would make. And then I realized, that person is me.

Now, in no way do I mean that I need to start being hard on myself to “be a better person” and take over-responsibility for the actions of others. I actually mean I need to love myself even more.

If you’ve been called to do something to help in this or any tragedy in the world, start by loving you. Whatever you do, however you want to help, start by loving you.

  • Because confidence comes with self-love, and it takes confidence to stand up to bigotry or to call your senators about gun safety.

  • Healthy boundaries come with self love, and it takes boundaries to make room in your schedule to get involved in advocacy efforts, donate blood, or attend a vigil.

  • Trust in yourself and in Spirit come with self-love, and it takes a lot of trust to start that business or non-profit you’ve always wanted to start that would make incredible contributions to healing the world.

  • It takes self-love to turn off the TV when you’ve seen enough for one day or to reach out for the support you need to keep your heart open, so you can continue to give and love.

This is why this community is so much more than lipstick and heels. It’s women loving themselves so fiercely that they create a massive change not only in their own lives, but in every life they touch, and across the planet.

Love yourself. Change the world.

To your fabulous life,


P.S. If you are looking for ways to direct that self-love, here is a list of ways to support the victims of the Orlando shooting, their families, the world, and yourself.

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