If You Never Have Enough Time

Every week, I drive an hour each way to see my acupuncturist.

For several years, I’d stopped seeing him. It was too far, I told myself. I didn’t have that kind of time.

  • Then my migraines, which he had skillfully sent packing when I saw him regularly, started coming back. And I started losing entire days of work while I waited for them to pass.
  • The symptoms of my autoimmune disorder started getting more severe again. I was in pain and frustrated doing daily activities like opening doors, never mind getting all the work I needed to get done each day.
  • My energy started to dip and my weight crept up, and I could feel myself trying to hide in every aspect of my life (not so fabulous).

It dawned on me, “Girl, you don’t have time NOT to see this guy!”

When I talk with women about what stops them from living their most fabulous lives, it almost always comes down to three things:

  • time
  • money
  • motivation.

So, I’m going to be spending some time talking about all three of these in the coming weeks.

The first of these – time – is a big one. Because we are busy. We do have a lot going on. Even when we take a hard look at our schedule, it seem like there’s nothing that can be moved or deleted to make room for what we really want and need to do.

I believed this for a very long time, too. I thought if I dropped anything from my to-do list to pursue what I wanted, my irresponsibility would cause my life to go to shit.

But the thing is, when I started taking all that time I thought I didn’t have and actually using it to do what was most important to me, the opposite occurred.

When I made the time to move my body, get the health care I required, and go to bed on time, I became more efficient, more creative, and more successful in my life than ever before.

  • I map out entire coaching programs while on walks or hikes in nature (so much more productive than starting at my computer screen waiting for inspiration).
  • I am twice as productive and efficient the next day when I actually go to bed on time (something I decided I “didn’t have time for” when I was just 16 years old).
  • I feel so much better when I take time out of my day to go to a dance class, get a massage, or just take a nap that I show up much more powerfully in my life, which leads to more and more success.
  • Most importantly, I ENJOY my life so much more, which is worth all the extra time in the world.

It turns out, I didn’t have time NOT to do what’s truly important to me.

To your fabulous life


P.S. What don’t you have time NOT to do anymore? Comment below and let me know!

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