Fabulous Does As Fabulous Is

There have been many days when I haven’t felt so fabulous. Maybe you’ve had those days, too.

There were so many days I felt tired. Stressed out. Sad. Fat. Achey. Longing…

And on those days, desperate to find a way to feel better, I used to think back and remember times when I had felt fabulous before. “OK, Samantha, THINK! The last time you felt fabulous, what were you doing?” And suddenly I would feel this rush: the excitement of having found the solution!

I would just remember what I was doing when I felt fabulous and I thought, “I’ll just do that again! That’s the way to feel fabulous!” It was decided!

  • I would eat the way I ate when I felt fabulous before!
  • I would dress the way I dressed back then!
  • I would work the way I used to work!
  • I would adopt the same saving and spending patterns!
  • I would do everything the way I did when I felt fabulous!

The thing is, it didn’t always work. Even when I did exactly the same things I used to do when I felt more fabulous, I wasn’t magically transported back to that same feeling.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized why: Feeling fabulous isn’t so much about what I’m doing, but it has everything to do with who I’m being.

When I look back on my life and all the times I felt most like a true Fabulous Babe, I can see I was doing vastly different things during all those periods of time. But all of those times had one thing in common:

I was being fabulous.

I was being confident. I was being lighthearted. I was being friendly. I was being powerful. I was being optimistic. I was being creative.

From that space of being, whatever I did felt like something fabulous. My life unfolded in beautiful ways. And quite honestly, even if I’d done nothing at all during those times, I am sure I still would have felt like a total Babe.

Because the thing is, it turns out we don’t create the life we want and then feel fabulous because of it. We feel fabulous and then create the life we want.

Seriously. It starts with how we feel about ourselves. Who we are being. Not so much what we do.

If you want to change your life and step into the most fabulous version of you, start with how you feel. Don’t wait for the outsides of your life to change so you can finally feel good. Picture the most fabulous you that you can imagine right now. Then get up, and walk to wherever you’re going next like you are that Babe. Then keep walking like that. Keep doing everything like that.

And watch what happens.

To your fabulous life


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