Enough Already. You Are Enough Already.

I know how strong you are.

You’ve given your smile to the world even during those times when you felt crushed inside.

You’ve fielded disappointment and defeat, and you still brushed yourself off and tried again.

You’ve done everything a man can do, while fighting against the sexism that persists in our world.

You’ve had your heart broken, and still bravely put it back together and offered it up again.

Every day, you use so much strength. All women do.

What if you could, if we could, stop using that strength to tolerate, and start using it to thrive?

Imagine all that strength you use every day to hold things inside, and just letting it roar, propelling you toward creating the life of your dreams.

Imagine redirecting that strength away from the struggle and toward what’s possible?

How about choosing how you use your strength, your power? It’s yours, after all.

You are more than strong enough to have everything you want and live your most incredible life. You’ve been building that strength your whole life.

Now, let’s use it for what it’s meant for.

To your fabulous life,


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