Didn’t Get Enough Done Today? This Will Help.

A Babe in our fabulous community here recently said to me, “You know what? Not feeling good enough is not good enough for me.”

I couldn’t agree more. I want every single woman in this community, every single woman in the world, to always feel good enough, to know her worth, and live her life accordingly.

As Fabulous Babes, we simply do not have time to not feel good enough. We’ve got fabulous shit to do!

Of course the ultimate in Babehood is to feel good enough regardless of what you do, don’t do, say, don’t say, or what happens around you. That’s what The Fabulous Babe is all about: developing that powerful sense of confidence and self-worth. But if you’re not quite there yet, there is still plenty you can do to feel “good enough” now, like wisely removing the triggers that lead to those feelings.

So let’s start eliminating the things in our lives that instigate those “not good enough” feelings, shall we? Starting with your to-do list.

One of the most common triggers for us to not feel good enough is never feeling like we’ve accomplished enough in our day, even when we know we were hammering away at our tasks non-stop.

  • Didn’t finish that report
  • Haven’t even gotten through all my emails
  • Never made it to yoga class
  • Still dishes in the sink

We’ve all been there. Many of my clients have shared with me that while taking big steps toward their fabulous lives, they sometimes feel like they’re working all the time but not accomplishing anything.

And I share with them this shift that changes everything: the key is to set time goals, not task goals.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Instead of setting a goal today of finishing the report, set a goal to work on it for 60 minutes.
  • Instead of setting a goal to read all your emails, set a goal to read them for 20 minutes.
  • Instead of setting a goal to go to an hour-long fitness class, set a goal to move your body for 10 minutes when you wake up (10 minutes consistently is miles better than the hour class you never do)
  • Instead of setting a goal to finish the dishes, set a goal to work on them for 5 minutes.

Because at the end of those 60, 20, 10, or even 5 minutes, you’ve met your goal! You did what you said you would for the time you said you’d do it. So rather than feeling “not good enough” for not completing the entire task in one go, you feel amazing having met your goal.

And this is important: celebrate in some small way every time you reach a time goal. Take a break. Eat a cookie. Text a friend. Even just tell yourself how awesome you are.

Then you can just repeat as necessary until the task is done, meeting goal after goal after goal and feeling like a righteous Babe.

Don’t you know, timers are a girl’s best friend?

I do this All. The. Time. This is what helped me run two businesses at the same time and pretty much always feel successful and accomplished at the end of the day. This is what has helped my clients thrive when taking massive steps to create the lives they really want, without the overwhelm.

Try it out, and I’d love to know how it goes. Hit reply and let me know.

Love yourself. Change the world.

To your fabulous life,


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