The Fabulous Babe helps women develop confidence, classy assertiveness, unabashed self-love, and living the fabulous lives they were born to live. 

​The intention of The Fabulous Babe is to change the way women see themselves and the way the world sees women.

It's not so much about "empowering" women (women are already powerful). It's about recognizing and celebrating that power in ourselves, and in turn, the world recognizing and celebrating it in a new way.

Want to feel more fabulous today?

What Is Personal Feminism?

I am a feminist. That is, I believe in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Actually, I believe in that same equality for all people. I always have. As a little girl my favorite song was USA for Africa's "We Are the World", and I've found pages in my third grade diary about all the ways I planned to support the poor and how I could help the new kid in my class from Laos get acclimated.

Sometimes, my feminist girlfriends and I get together in person for a good ol’ fun feminist time. I mean, it's not like we plan it (no "Feminist Fridays" here). We usually go out for drinks or have a Cards Against Humanity night at one of our houses. But we’ve also had many a dinner where the discussion took a glorious feminist turn.

A couple of years ago, I noticed something, though, when spending time with my feminist girlfriends: we’re not so feminist when it comes to ourselves.

Sure, we say that we want respect and equality for all the women of the world, but in almost the same breath, we give the opposite to ourselves. We’re hating on the circumference of our thighs. We’re blaming ourselves for an ex treating us poorly. We’re worried about what other people will think of us at work if we speak up. We return compliments by putting ourselves down. We’re putting up with way too much crap, in the name of being nice.

And I noticed, it wasn’t just among my friends. It was everywhere. Women were standing strong for womankind as a whole, but rarely, if ever, doing it for themselves.

This is a huge reason I started The Fabulous Babe. I realized that feminism can only go so far if women aren’t treating themselves with the love and respect they want so much for all women. Feminism as a whole - AND the realization of our own personal dreams - depends on our own unabashed self-love, our own feelings of fabulousness.​

I call this “personal feminism,” and it’s the beating heart of The Fabulous Babe. 

What's with the name?

“You’re going to wake up tomorrow and you’re still going to be a Fabulous Babe.”

On a chilly June evening, just hours after I’d been dumped, these words changed everything for me.

I was crying, blubbering, and chugging wine in my friend’s apartment - pretty standard for a post-breakup scene - when he nonchalantly pointed out that come tomorrow, I would still be fabulous me, no matter what.​

Now, up until that point that evening, I was the hottest of messes. I mean, I’d just been dumped. A man had just told me he was leaving me, and I was certain it meant that I was inherently unloveable and would die alone.​

But when my friend said that to me, “You’re going to wake up tomorrow and you’re still going to be a Fabulous Babe,” I felt a profound shift.

There was something about those words: Fabulous Babe. Thinking of myself as a Fabulous Babe, suddenly, I started to feel more confident, self-possessed, even sexy. That shift in my thinking, embodying what my friend had just said, believing, “I am a Fabulous Babe, damnit” started to bring me back to life.

I woke up the next morning and started to practice thinking of myself in this new way. And more quickly than I imagined, I started kicking major ass in my life.

I started working less and having more fun every day. I was more creative and assertive in my business and watched it take off more than I could imagine as a result. I started speaking, dressing, and living like the confident, elegant, powerful woman I wanted to be. I stopped putting off all the things I most wanted to do (the trips, the plans with friends, writing my blog).

I attracted men around every corner (including the one who’d dumped me and started this whole thing!). My life felt amazing.

My outside circumstances didn’t change how I felt about myself. How I felt about myself changed my outside circumstances.

Now I want this for every woman. Not the getting dumped part, but the part here where she gets to feel truly fabulous, to feel amazing about who she is, and to live a life she loves that is aligned with her true desires.

About Samantha

Samantha Kennedy created The Fabulous Babe out of a deep desire to change the way women see themselves and how the world sees women. By helping women step through fear, self-doubt, and anything else that’s holding them back, she allows them to discover their Fabulous Babe selves and find the courage to embody their own unique brand of personal feminism and live the lives of their dreams.

Her approach with each woman she works with is extremely intuitive, encouraging, and personalized. Her specialties include assisting you with: getting to the heart of what has been holding you back; seeing all the fabulous possibilities for your life; gaining the confidence required to go for your fabulous dream life; letting go of “should’s” and worries about what other people will think or say about you; quieting your inner critic; replacing self-criticism with self-love; setting loving boundaries with others; and upgrading every corner of your life.​

No stranger to the adventurous life, Samantha loves making this process for women into a fun-filled journey of discovery and awe at what is possible. Some fun facts about her own life adventures include:​

* “Running away” to the UK to work on a horse farm in Wales for a semester in college, just to see what else was out there besides school. The dean of students advised against it, saying the majority of students who take a semester off never graduate, but Samantha followed her gut and set out for the U.K. She still counts that trip as one of the most transformative times of her life, where she learned independence, developed street smarts, and discovered her passion for travel. While abroad that semester, she also independently traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium, and Morocco. AND, she still made it back to graduate on time.​

* Meeting two US presidents (Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton) after interpreting for their campaign events in 2012. She even got to ride in Clinton's motorcade in order to arrive from one speech location to the next on time, which remains a highlight of her experience as an interpreter.

* Starting a sign language interpreting company from scratch and running it for five years before launching The Fabulous Babe (she’s fluent in American Sign Language, a nationally certified interpreter, and a former teacher of the deaf).​​

Samantha currently lives in Denver, Colorado with her fabulous fella and dog.​​​​